The Hybrid Home: Adaptable Design for Small Homes with Children

Sandra Costa Santos, Rosie Parnell, Husam Abo Kanon, Heba Sarhan, Alkistis Pitsikali, Emily Pattinson

Research output: Other contribution

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The Hybrid Home reflects on how we should design homes for families with children beyond the pandemic. Lockdown has revealed new ways of 'being together' at home, shaped by the individual needs of children as well as adults. The idea of a 'new normal' that includes hybrid working and potential schooling from home, for example, demands a re-think of domestic space design. Even without such radical changes to homelife, the intensity of living through lockdown has revealed spaces of tension and inadequacies in the family home that can be addressed through design that better supports ongoing everyday life.
The Hybrid Home: adaptable design for small homes with children therefore calls for housing designers and housing providers to consider design adaptability as the best way to meet the wellbeing needs of both children and adults living together in small homes.
Original languageEnglish
TypeDesign Guidance
Media of outputText
Number of pages32
Publication statusPublished - 3 Oct 2022


  • design guidance
  • Housing
  • Family wellbeing


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