The Monument Game (2016)

Laura Donkers

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The Monument Game is a deep map that investigates the bio-cultural heredity of the Outer Hebrides through the riddle of how a Monkey Puzzle tree came to be planted on a small island in Loch an Eilean, Askernish, South Uist during the time of the Clearances, and reveals the long term effects that still resonate in the land today.
Comprising a pack of 54-cards with a set of images, which present maps, tables, and botanical photographs of the plant species on the island recorded during a research trip in 2012: And the text ‘Monument', which is a timely reflection on the need to cultivate our understanding of place. 'The little island garden with its collection of distorted and varied specimens reveals two perspectives of thought: on the one hand a reminder of colonial dominance and the havoc that created; and on the other hand the bountiful and forgiving lessons that nature teaches about adaptation, assimilation, diversity and symbiosis. Both ultimately present in the here and now.’
The Monument Game: Participants are invited to engage, via an open, multi-layered and ever changing visual/verbal space in a workshop that will take the form of a ‘Whist Drive’: 4 players per table. Each group receives a set of Monument Game playing cards and instructions on how to play the child’s card game ‘Go Fish’.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 5 May 2016
EventConference of Irish Geographers 2016 - Dublin, Ireland
Duration: 5 May 20166 May 2016


ConferenceConference of Irish Geographers 2016
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