Towards an architectural approach to location-aware business processes

Nasreddine Aoumeur, José Fiadeiro, Cristóvão Oliveira

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We present first steps towards modelling location-aware business processes based on architectural primitives that support the separation of three important concerns: computation, coordination, and distribution. We focus in particular on the primitives that bring the expressive power of architectural connectors to the modelling of activity flows according to given business rules. Coordination primitives externalise, from business rules, the way business entities interact within given business activities. Location primitives externalise the dependencies that such rules put on the way activities are distributed and performed across communication networks.


  • Connectors
  • Context
  • Banking
  • Computer science
  • Distributed computing
  • Communication networks
  • Contracts
  • Scholarships
  • Companies
  • Communications technology

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