Understanding cultural architectures of organisations in India: A study

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Culture has long been considered as a critical element of competitiveness of organisations across the globe. This study was designed to investigate organisational culture of 32 organisations doing business in India. It sampled organisations in the banking, information technology and ITenabled service industry, hospital, automobile, and retail industries. The results indicate that competence of organisational culture for companies across industries in India depends on the practice of beliefs and value systems in which relationships and loyalty, vision of organisation goals, uniformity of rules, importance for compassion and caring are emphasised. The findings of the study have been discussed in the light of past research and have significant implications for Indian organisations. The findings will help organisations understand their internal integration mechanisms and to effectively adapt to external aggression from competitors. Installing these beliefs and value systems into the organisational cosmos of these industries will positively affect people's psychology at the workplace for creativity and innovation.

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JournalSingapore Management Review
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Publication statusPublished - Jun 2009


  • Cultural Architecture
  • Indian Organisations
  • Organisational Culture

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