Urban violence and militarisation

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    There is a long history of cities being playing key roles in different types of violence and military conflict. Urban violence remains a significant factor in cities today. Urban warfare is increasingly prominent in ‘new’ wars and there has been a blurring of boundaries between military action ‘outside’ of states and domestic governance ‘inside’.

    This article will outline how which cities are affected and formed by, and play significant roles in shaping, violence and warfare. Urban warfare will be used as an example of the prominent role of cities in violence, and the article will consider the increasing militarization of ‘domestic’ urban life. Surveillance will be considered both as an attempt to engage with (fears of) urban violence and as an example of a blurring of military/domestic lines. The article will conclude by considering potential responses to urban violence.
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    • Data
    • Geopolitics
    • Militarization
    • MOUT
    • Policing
    • Surveillance
    • Terrorism
    • Urban violence
    • Urban war
    • Urbicide
    • Virilio
    • War


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