What is a Living Archive? Curating the 'unruly' materiality of contemporary art

Judit Bodor (Creator), Adam Lockhart (Research group member)

    Research output: Other contributionMulti-Component Output (MCO)peer-review


    A 12-month research project delivered through a series of workshops and an artwork commission designed around the unique time-based art collections at University of Dundee including REWIND early video art collection, the Alastair MacLennan Archive and the Attic Archive. The workshops were curated around specific themes to explore the curatorial challenges around maintaining and displaying these archives through oral history, new media conservation and curation and open-source curatorial strategies. A new artwork was commissioned from an open call in response to the REWIND collection. The workshops were co-convened with world-leading practitioners and researchers including Prof. Heike Roms (Exeter University), Patricia Falcao (Tate), Hanna B. Hoelling (UCL and University of Bern), and Ruth Catlow (Furtherfield). The project generated a cross-sector dialogue and participants (in total 51) included academic researchers, curators, artists, archivists and conservators from UK, New Zealand, Philippines, Brazil, Ireland and Hungary.
    Original languageEnglish
    TypeCuratorial research
    Media of outputworkshops
    PublisherUniversity of Dundee
    Publication statusPublished - 2021


    • archives
    • time-based art
    • curation of living collections
    • curatorial platform
    • curating archive
    • new media art
    • artist archives


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