"Where to" international entrepreneurship? An exploration of seminal articles

Pavlos Dimitratos, Nicolas Li

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    The international entrepreneurship (IE) fi eld has been gaining signifi cant momentum since the publication of Patricia McDougall’s ( 1989 ) article that has paved the way to the development of a fascinating research stream. The IE fi eld has been benefi ting greatly from advances in its two “parental” areas, that is, entrepreneurship and international business (IB) (McDougall and Oviatt, 2000 ). While researchers in the former fi eld have paid attention primarily to venture creation and the management of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within the domestic context, the latter research has focused mostly on established, large multinational companies (MNCs). The evolvement of IE is devoted to addressing the trend that “the demarcation segregating international business and entrepreneurship has begun to erode” (McDougall and Oviatt, 2000 , p. 902).
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