Willem II: Graaf van Holland en Roomskoning, een zoektocht naar het koningsgraf in Middelburg

Translated title of the contribution: William II: Count of Holland and King Rooms, a search for the royal tomb in Middelburg

Caroline Erolin (Artist), E. H. P. Cordfunke, G. J. R. Maat (Other contribution), Eveline Altena (Other contribution)

    Research output: Book/ReportBook


    William II, Count of Holland (1227-1256) was in his time a prince of international significance. The German princes in 1247 elected Roman king, he managed to establish., In a relatively short time his authority Would highlight his coronation as emperor in Rome by the pope. It did not happen. During an expedition against rebellious West Frisians, he was slain in 1256. His body was buried in a secret location in West Friesland. His son, Count Floris V, succeeded in 1282 in subjecting the West Frisians and display. The body of his father in the Abbey of Middelburg honorable burial

    During the Reformation the place where William II was buried in oblivion. Touched In 1817, however, was a skeleton in a niche of the Church Choir, the former abbey church, which was found when it was believed that William II. But since then, there is a discussion about the identity of the recovered remains. The proposed restoration of the tomb made it possible to investigate. Bones with modern scientific methods In this book, the battle for West Friesland, the search for the bones and the results of scientific research described.

    Original languageOther
    Place of PublicationZutphen, The Netherlands
    PublisherWalburg Press
    Number of pages96
    ISBN (Print)9789057309229
    Publication statusPublished - 2013


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    Erolin, C., Cordfunke, E. H. P., Maat, G. J. R., & Altena, E. (2013). Willem II: Graaf van Holland en Roomskoning, een zoektocht naar het koningsgraf in Middelburg. Walburg Press.