Willingness to pay for climate change mitigation: evidence from China

Yujie Li, Xiaoyi Mu (Lead / Corresponding author), Anita Schiller, Baowei Zheng

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China has become the largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world. However, the Chinese public’s willingness to pay (WTP) for climate change mitigation is, at best, under-researched. This study draws upon a large national survey of Chinese public cognition and attitude towards climate change and analyzes the determinants of consumers’ WTP for energy-efficient and environment-friendly products. Eighty-five percent of respondents indicate that they are willing to pay at least 10 percent more than the market price for these products. The econometric analysis indicates that income, education, age and gender, as well as public awareness and concerns about climate change are significant factors influencing WTP. Respondents who are more knowledgeable and more concerned about the adverse effect of climate change show higher WTP. In comparison, income elasticity is small. The results are robust to different model specifications and estimation techniques.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)179-194
Number of pages16
JournalEnergy Journal
Issue numberChina Special Issue
Publication statusPublished - 31 Jan 2016


  • Willingness to pay
  • climate change
  • China
  • interval regression


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