Clinical Competency in Oral Surgery
: History, Challenges and Solutions

  • Christine Joan Hanson

    Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


    This multifaceted study documents validates, and verifies the changes in oral surgery teaching in Dundee University Dental School, which have changed with time to accommodate the demands of an ever increasingly complex discipline.
    Availability of instructive teaching material in hard copy and as video and text on the internet combined with close clinical supervision and detailed assessment with feedback allows students to attain competency in exodontia with falling patient numbers.
    It has been demonstrated that the undergraduate training in the oral surgery clinics still attains competency or BDS standard of ‘safe beginner’ for simple extractions and minor oral surgery, despite fewer procedures being carried out.
    The criteria used for undergraduate assessment and marking of exodontia have been validated in house and nationally. These are appropriate, objective and reliable.
    Using Thiel cadavers is a valid and reliable method of teaching undergraduate students the technique of extraction with forceps prior to their clinical exposure. Further employment of the cadavers for continuing practice and the introduction of new skills has been mooted.
    The use of the ‘Blackboard’ was investigated and found not to be well used; the effort to produce the work was not well directed since it was not taken advantage of by the whole year nor very frequently by those who do use it. Alternative methods of engaging the student to investigate and research the discipline have been suggested.
    Encouragement of the students to interact more when the exodontia clinic time is available for this opportunity has been introduced and suggestions to increase this activity to enhance the teaching of core topics have been made.
    From apprehension to enjoyment our student assure us that they find this discipline

    worthwhile whilst acknowledging that it will not be a practice builder and that they

    are equipped to deal with simple oral surgery procedures.
    Date of Award2015
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorMichaelina Macluskey (Supervisor) & Peter Mossey (Supervisor)


    • Dento-alveolar surgery assessment
    • Exodontia
    • Adjuncts
    • Competency
    • Thiel
    • Standardisation
    • OSCE

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