• John Dummett

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


paperPublics is a research project that uses different registers and practices of writing in response to the question 'what is the public'?

Developed through and responsive to an array of historical and contemporary philosophical writing, different modes of public address including academic symposia, exhibitions and architectural spaces, paperPublics reads 'the public' as a practice of representation in both the political and aesthetic iterations of the term. Central to this undertaking is the idea of reading as a contingent and productive act, whose practice is informed by relationships with different types of institutions and their disciplinary functions. The abiding intention of paperPublics is not to provide a conclusive answer to the question 'what is the public'; instead its aim is to provide a medium that discursively queries 'the public' as a political practice of representation.

paperPublics in this moment of reading is formed as a set of texts that continually paraphrase, cite and indicate each other. The order given to the texts summarised below marks one possible passage through this research. It is an indicative choreography that welcomes improvisation and the as yet unsaid and unseen. Not aspiring to be definitive or conclusive the texts are a resource for future acts and words that wish to reappraise 'the public' as a practice of representation.
Date of Award2017
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorTracy Mackenna (Supervisor) & Lorens Holm (Supervisor)

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