Stability and Instability of Planar Layers of Smectic A Liquid Crystals

  • Omar Ameer Alsuhaimi

Student thesis: Doctoral ThesisDoctor of Philosophy


We consider the mathematical modelling of smectic A liquid crystals using the continuum dynamic theory for smectic A liquid crystals that has been developed by Stewart [79]. We also examine biaxial nematic liquid crystals using the continuum theory of Leslie and co-workers [50,51] and the review by [80].

The Helfrich-Hurault transition is considered in this thesis to study the influence of the compression coefficient B0 when an electric field is applied. The molecular alignment described by the director n and the unit layer normal a of a smectic A sample is considered to be not coincident, unlike the classical smectic A theory where they coincide. Stability and instability in various situations with and without an electric field will be discussed. Finally, the dynamic continuum theory of biaxial nematic liquid crystals is an integral part of this thesis. This theory will be applied to incompressible biaxial nematic liquid crystals to study the linear stability and instability of a planar alignment sample of biaxial nematic under oscillatory shear flow.
Date of Award2021
Original languageEnglish
SponsorsTaibah University
SupervisorIain Stewart (Supervisor) & Gunnar Hornig (Supervisor)

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